HAPPY (September) NEW YEAR!

Post date: Aug 26, 2014 5:03:50 AM

FIRST NIGHT BACK AT CADETS - Wednesday 3 September from 1830 to 2100. Dress will be appropriate civilian attire. Be sure to try on all of your uniform pieces beforehand and bring them in so that you can switch out anything that is broken, ripped, or doesn't fit, and let us know if you've lost anything over the summer. Also bring in any certificates for qualifications that you earned over the summer so that we can update your training file and award you a qual...ification badge if applicable.

REGULAR TRAINING PROGRAM WILL START - Wednesday 10 September. Dress will be Sea Training Uniform - boots polished, shirt and pants ironed and creased, hair cut, and all that PUSSER STUFF.

OPTIONAL BUT AMAZING OPPORTUNITY - Friday 19 September, day sail aboard HMCS WINNIPEG. Ship will sail to and from CFB ESQUIMALT for the day; timings to be confirmed.

SAILING WEEKEND at CFB ESQUIMALT - Saturday & Sunday 20-21 September. Overnight (sleepover at the base) to be confirmed next week. This is mandatory training for all cadets from all training levels.

CHANGE OF COMMAND PARADE - Wednesday 24 September. This will be the send-off for Lt(N) Earl Phillips, who has dedicated the last 2 1/2 years to the growth and upward success of RCSCC ADMIRAL BUDGE. Command to be assumed by Lt(N) DeLong. Dress will be C1A (Full uniform, with very shiny boots, very white seaman's cap, very creased pants, and very neatly and correctly sewn badges!)